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Studio Projects

- Maurice Lennon/Ciara Brennan/Chris Dawson -

Trio with world famous Irish musician and composer Maurice Lennon.






   featuring Ciara Brennan, Dimitri Boekhoorn, Chris Dawson












   originally formed on moving to France and evolved into a six piece band playing at festivals all over Europe. After a five year break KELTIAC has  returned to the stage as a full show with a brand new line-up including Irish dance.











- AVALON - Irish Dance show




Ciara Brennan & Chris Dawson

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BOGHA - forest IMGP2379modif.jpg

I work with various artists as a studio session musician but also record and work as a producer for other artists in my own recording studio or elsewhere.

I've recorded/produced a wide variety of albums in such diverse locations as Chartes Cathedral (Orchestra and choir), various Abbeys (Gregorian chant), Realworld studios, Concert halls, etc. 


See the Studio Page for a non exhaustive list of examples.


Contact me for more details.

Chris Dawson - Traditional/celtic/folk musician originally from north-west UK but settled in France for over 20 years. 

While staying close to the traditional music of Britain and Ireland, i've always liked to keep an open mind and attitude towards other musical styles and influences.

My early professional experiences saw me working closely with a N°1 recording artist and producer in other musical styles and proved to be a great learning curve in both musical and technical aspects.
Previous to that i was only playing the tin whistle/flute at home or in local trad/folk sessions, the traditional music took on a professional level in the early 90's finally launching my first trad/celtic band and i've never looked back since.

I play a wide variety of instruments though principally traditional flutes / whistles, cittern/bouzouki, bodhran + other instruments including, mandolin, keyboards, guitar, etc... 
Grew up amongst the fantastic musical diversity around Manchester/north-west, playing principally (though not exclusively) Irish trad and the not so well known traditional music (jigs/hornpipes/etc) of my native region of the north-west in general.


Completely self taught, I've for over 25 years been making and playing my own professional quality bamboo flutes. 
Michael McGoldrick was the first person to realise their potential and play them in the early 90's and continues to play them to this day, along with many other great flute players including Sylvain Barou from Brittany.


- Out on the Edge -

"Quality Celtic crossover folk/rock/jazz", 
"...some sterling results !" 
- FolkROOTS magazine -

Chris's album, "Out on the Edge" is for the most part his own compositions and arrangements (for all instruments) and has participations from some of the most respected musicians on the folk / celtic music scene today, including : Michael McGoldrick (Capercaillie, Lunasa, Afro-Celts, etc), Dan Ar Braz, Alain Genty (Barzaz, Gwerz, etc), Sylvain Barou (Guidewires, Denez Prigent,  etc), Annie Ebrel. . . (it is also one of my recordings where you can hear me playing the flute using circular breathing, a rarely seen technique on side blown flutes which allows to play indefinitley without a break in the note).


DSC_0292 Maurice Lennon - Ciara Brennan
AVALON Paris Jan 2017.jpg
Duo Celtique - Ciara Brennan,Chris Dawso
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